2Shapes 1.1.5: Release Notes

Hi All! :slight_smile:

I would like to share with you the news and bug fixed of 2Shapes 1.1.5 (Cloud and Desktop).


1. Easy signup
Just Name, Email and Password and you are in.
2. Home Screen
In order to include the Free user in 2Shapes, we add a new Home screen.

3. Catalogue is available for free users! :rocket:
4. Designer is available for free users! Yes! Designs, Elements, and Assets :rocket:

5. Cost and Pricing is available for free users! Also Simulator! :smile:
6. Diamonds is available for free users! :rocket:

Improvement and bugs fixed:

  1. Translation improvements in French, Italian and Spanish.
  2. Speed improvements in Geometric Servers
  3. Cost and Pricing calendar doesnโ€™t save the holidays in some cases.
  4. Metal price doesnโ€™t sync with LBMA in some currencies
  5. Confirmation Button in Sign Up process
  6. Cost and Pricing doesnโ€™t delete packaging in some cases
  7. Cost and Pricing doesnโ€™t delete shipment in some cases
  8. Certified diamonds donโ€™t open diamond photos in some cases.
  9. Certified diamonds are not possible to add a diamond in some cases.
  10. Certified diamonds donโ€™t show the retail price in some screen resolutions.
  11. Gemstones donโ€™t open photos in some cases.

Sentry report system bug fixed:
Sentry report system reports who is reporting the bug.

  1. Issue 1525185355
  2. Issue 1385072077
  3. Issue 1466871504
  4. Issue 1430599632
  5. Issue 1524702205
  6. Issue 1510665488
  7. Issue 1523743363
  8. Issue 1523743461
  9. Issue 1448335767
  10. Issue 1424219177
  11. Issue 1512655159
  12. Issue 1410013777
  13. Issue 1521749158
  14. Issue 1507087085
  15. Issue 1507087047
  16. Issue 1520911105
  17. Issue 1447263663
  18. Issue 1506014658
  19. Issue 1520325398

How to update? As always, you will have the new version when you open again the application!

Best regards,

Rafael del Molino
2Shapes Technologies SLU