2Shapes for Rhino (Beta

Hi All! :slight_smile:

Less than 48 hours after release Beta, we update our servers with a new version!

List of news and bug fixes:

  1. Curve > Offset command
  2. Outliner doesn’t update dragging files
  3. Halo: Doesn’t show the metal geometry by prongs problems.
  4. Outliner: Rendering and Manufacturing switch supports undo/redo.
  5. Classic: GemInside parameter was ignored in some cases
  6. Classic: Opening Cutting fail in some cases
  7. Classic: External sizes are sync with profiles heights
  8. Cathedral: Preset 007, 009, 037 fixed
  9. Installer: new language Italian
  10. Outliner: Performance problem with commands ShowSelected and UnlockSeleted

How to update? Just start Rhino and it will start to download! :slight_smile:

Enjoy 2Shapes,


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