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Hi All! :slight_smile:

We are pleased to announce a new beta of 2Shapes for Rhino.
There are dozens of improvements and bug fixes, but let me inform you about some news in this new version:

  1. RUNS ON RHINO 7.0

2Shapes for Rhino runs on Rhino 6.0 and Rhino 7.0

    New Command

    New Command

    New Command

  1. BEAD
    New Command

  1. CHARM
    New Command


  1. New object selector component

Bug fixed:

  • The login workflow is improved. Now provide you more info about the status. Now, it is just required to login once!
  • Halo has a bug in gems positions in some cases.
  • Bail has a bug in sliders to adapt tangencies.
  • Curve Shell improvements
  • Smart Text now is renamed to Text Pendant
  • Extends commands in Ribbon
  • Untrim and Split by isocurve
  • Translation improvements
  • Option Page with Resize Toolbar on Viewport
  • Gemstone uses XYZ when it is defined.
  • Improvements in Theme Dark
  • Tones of small bugs fixed

How to update:
Just start Rhino or 2Shapes for Rhino and it will update automatically! Also you can download from https://www.2shapes.com/downloads/rhino

If you have any questions, please let me know.




High Rafa, Downloaded beta 1.21 today . when I open 2shapesfor rhino6 all the shank icons are green and some say your still working on them, no problem,… when I open 2shapes in rhino and use the ‘dockstation’ all the shanks are locked except the ‘band’ and ‘cathedral’…there is also one called ‘gem on ring’…when I open using the tool bar not the dock station and select ‘shanks’ in the drop down list the ‘gem on ring’ is not listed and some of the icons are not locked they are green…I do not see ‘gem on ring’ anywhere else but when using the dockstation…just wanted you to know…also when updating the beta’s should we just delete the old shortcut on the desktop and use the new one or uninstall the old version and reinstall the new beta?

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Hi Avantiman,

Yes, some users report that the toolbar is not updated. We will check today!

About the commands, we removed the grey icons, because we are doing tutorials. My plans is release a new one at the end of the week with more commands.

Is there a command that you think is prioritary for you?



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Hello Rafa,

For me useful commands would be pave and hinge,

Thank you,


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