2Shapes for Rhino, new pricing

Hi! :slight_smile:

2Shapes for Rhino was created as a basic set of tools to integrate 2Shapes Cloud within Rhino. We have received much feedback from users around the world, requesting more and more features.

Developing a product of this kind demands many programming hours and a considerable cost for the company; therefore, we had two options: leave the product highly limited like we initially planned, or continue investing in it. We decided to continue adding more features, that’s why we had to add a price to 2Shapes for Rhino.

For now, and until it’s fully developed, it will be free, but after this stage, it will have a price of 499€ per year, making it less than 40€ per month, very affordable if you use the software.

2Shapes for Rhino is underdevelopment, and it will be until early next week, and it will be free for all the user before is fully released.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Rafael del Molino

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Hi Rafa,
That’s what I thought. You can not develop and keep improving the product without charging for it.
This reminds me how Rhino started. First there was a beta version which everybody could download and use for free. The rapidly growing user base combined with Rhino newsgroup created a perfect testing opportunity allowing for improvements to the software, so that it was ready for the prime time even before it was commercially released. When we became the first Rhino dealer in Canada, we had a waiting list of users wanting to buy the commercial version as soon as it was released. Its release in 1998 started its growth to greatness.
Since history tends to repeat itself, the same may happen with 2Shapes.

Keep up with good work and looking forward to further features and improvements!

John Schindler

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Hi Rafa, I was wondering how you were going to be able to offer a complete jlry software for free, and seeing how most of the build tools are still ‘under construction’ I began thinking where it’s all going for the rhino users. I still prefer the old days when you got a cd when you purchased a program instead of all this cloud and have to be signed in to the internet to use the software for one I’m not always around the internet when I feel like working and paying a monthly fee won’t work for me as it’s just another ‘monthly’ bill to pay when the economy is tight and to pay $585 per year and not own anything is not worth it to me . I still have a copy of R. Gold 3 back from the old starting days when you started that I use once in awhile but the cost of all the new software’s has made me do my work using basic rhino… Had I known that you don’t get a cd and have to be on the internet to work I probably wouldn’t have upgraded to rhino6 either.
Best of luck