2Shapes is available in 16 languages. How select a language?

Hi All! :slight_smile:

We want that you feel comfortable in 2Shapes, for that reason, 2Shapes is available in 16 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese Traditional and Simplified, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Thai, and Arabic!

How I select the language?

  1. Click on your profile image:

  2. In Your profile, you have a drop list to select your preferred language:

  3. The newly selected language will be applied at the same time! :slight_smile:

Do I need to change it in every computer or device?
The language is saved in your profile, any computer and device will detect that and it will apply your preferred language!

Do we forget your language? Please write to us with what language you miss!

Questions? :slight_smile:


Rafael del Molino