2Shapes Pricing Cloud: Diamond Groups


I would like to explain to you the news in 2Shapes Pricing Cloud 2.0, in this case, we will focus on Diamonds Group. It will allow us to manage our diamonds and gemstones stock with the pricing and the delivery date.

The second menu is Diamonds. Here we define the diamond and gemstones by groups or suppliers. One of the advantages of this new version is 2Shapes can combine multiple groups, and it will be selected automatically by “first match diamond”.

Now, we offer you a quick overview of Currency, Certified, Non-certified, and Gemstones.

To edit the Diamond group, just click on the 3 points icon, and select Edit. Just a point, if the diamond is active, we need to click on Deactivate in order to edit it.

You can add a new Diamond group, clicking on the (+) button.

Under the Overview tab, we will find the Quick Overview panel about our stock.

Also, we have the Info panel. As in Manufacturers, we must define our currency and the conversion to US Dollar will be calculated automatically.

In other to make the import/export easier, we support Excel files.

Under Certified Diamonds, you will find the diamonds with certified. We added some interesting news like Lab-Grown Diamonds support, Fancy Diamonds, and delivery dates.

You can add a new diamond by clicking on the (+) button.
As you can see, the red rows mean that some values are not defined. Just click on the row to edit.

Just click on the Save icon to update the diamond data.

We add an option to define some diamonds as featured, it will allow us to feature them in our eCommerce or Point of sales.

Until 2Shapes will have enough orders to calculate the Best Selling, it will get the featured list to populate the Best Selling list. This snapshot is not under the Pricing module, it is in eCommerce and POS.

Under Non-Certified Diamonds, you will find the diamonds under 0.3ct without a certificate. As you see on the table, we can define also Lab-Grown or Earth-Created Diamonds but by quantity.

To add a new diamond, click on the (+) button, or just click on the row to edit.

It is pretty simple, just define the basic values like Shapes, Quantity, Average Carat, Price per carat, … We added the Lab-Grown option and delivery date.

Under the Gemstones tab, you will find the stock for Gemstones.

As in the diamonds, you can click on it to edit and set the values.

We add an optional value about color. It is focused on Rendering and it will not affect the pricing. For example, we can define an Emerald and define an exact green color tone.

We love to hear from you, if you have any questions, please contact us!!!

Thanks and best regards,

Rafael del Molino
2Shapes Team

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