2Shapes Pricing Cloud: Manufacturers


I would like to explain to you the news in 2Shapes Pricing Cloud 2.0, in this case, we will focus on Manufacturers. It will allow us to calculate the pricing and the delivery date.

The first menu is the Manufacturers. Here we define the manufacturer’s centers. One of the advantages of this new version is 2Shapes can combine multiple centers, and it will be selected automatically by “first match metal”.

Now, we offer you a quick overview of Currency, Materials available, and the pricing difference between the metal prices defined and today’s LBMA market.

To edit the Manufacturer, just click on the 3 points icon, and select Edit. Just a point, if the manufacturer is active, we need to click on Deactivate in order to edit it.

Inside the manufacturer, you will find all the values to define the metal and labor prices.

In the first panel, we will define the general info. The most important value is the currency and the conversion from your currency to the US Dollar. It will be calculated automatically in today’s exchange market.

Under the Markets panel, you define the metal prices. You can set manually or click on Sync from LBMA in order to apply to today’s LBMA market.

Under the Metals panel, you define the metal alloys prices. If you click on the Calculate button, it will be calculated based on the prices defined in the previous panel.

Also, you can select the alloys that you want to offer, and other values like White Gold with Palladium alloy, and metal lost percentage.

Under the Printing and Prototyping panel, we define the prototype price. You can define by price per model or by volume. Also, you can set a Cleaning price in case your printer requires extra work.

Under the Casting, Finishing, and Polishing panel, you can set the price based on design type and breaking value. In this example, the rings have a price per gram below and above 3g. Also, you can define the number of models you can cast per day. It is useful to calculate the delivery time.

Additional processes allow us to define the prices of processes like Rhodium, Brushed, … Also we can define the engraving price.

Under the Gem Setting panel, we can define the prices based on the type of setting and gem weight. We can define the Breaking value in other to define a price below and above this breaking value.

Under the Quality panel, we can define a price per quality revision.

Under the Timing panel, we define the days by processes. Also, the week working days.

Under the Holiday calendar, we set the organization holidays. We can click on the Import button, or just click over the day to active or deactivate.

When you click on the Import button, we can get the holidays automatically. It will show a dialog with a Country and State and Province holidays selector.

Any change, please remember to save it by clicking on the Save button.

We love to hear from you, if you have any questions, please contact us!!!

Thanks and best regards,

Rafael del Molino
2Shapes Team

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