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I would like to explain to you the news in 2Shapes Pricing Cloud 2.0, in this case, we will focus on Shipment. Now there are no limits, the world is yours! :movie_camera:

The fifth menu is Shipments. Where we send your products and the shipment price.

Now, we offer you a quick overview of Currency and the shipping zones.

To edit the Shipment group, just click on the 3 points icon, and select Edit. Just a point, if the shipment is active, we need to click on Deactivate in order to edit it.

You can add a new Shipment, clicking on the (+) button.

Under the Shipping from panel, we define where to pick up the package. The address is optional, by security you can ignore it.

Under the Shipping to panel, we define the shipping zones. We understand a zone as a group of countries or states.

Let’s delete the North America zone and let’s create it again. Click on Create a shipping zone, and it will show a dialog to set a name for the zone. The name is for internal use, is not public.

Select the countries, in this case, we will select the United States of America and Canada.

Easy right? Now, let define the Rates. Click on the Add rate button.

In the Add rate dialog, we define the name and price for the shipment.

In Operated at, we define the weekdays available, this is important to calculate the delivery day. In days we define the number of days.

Looks nice!! In the case you want to add a new rate, it is pretty easy. Imagine you can to offer a 72h shipment, just click on Add rate:

Of course, you can add all the rates that you need.

Your shipment is ready to be used in your eCommerce! If you need to add more zones, like Mexico, or other countries, just create a shipping zone, and add the rates!

We love to hear from you, if you have any questions, please contact us!!!

Thanks and best regards,

Rafael del Molino
2Shapes Team

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