Bezel thickness for oval gems

When we use the Bezel, it creates uneven thickness of the bezel shoulder.

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Hi John,

Thanks for the report. Let me check with the developers.



Hi Rafa,

I was just wondering if this issue had been resolved? I am trying to use the Oval Bezel and the software is not creating a bezel that matches the gem size. There is no way to edit other than gumball. Even then the bezel is not even.

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Hi Heather,

I was checking now, and it seems is not fixed. We will prioritize it. I will keep you updated and am sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks and best regards,


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Hi Heather,

It was fixed, but it wasn’t merged with the main project. We will try to release the new installer today.

Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences,

Rafael del Molino