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Hi All! :slight_smile:

2Shapes is an excellent tool for designers, manufacturers, and retailers. Still, we want to be also a meeting point; for that reason, we have created a website to allow designers to offer their services to other 2Shapes users:

Are you a designer and want to be listed?
Easy, just create an account and click on your profile, here a short video:

Have you filled out your profile, and it doesn’t show up?
Please check that you have filled in the following fields: Profile image, name, language/s, country, and About. The other fields are not required.

It is important the other users know about you. Also is important to show them your style, for that reason, you need to select 3 designs. Click on Designs

…and select your favorite designs.

How do I delete my designer profile?
You can delete your profile at any time. Just click on Delete

Questions? Let me know! :slight_smile:

Rafael del Molino

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