Download a render in a specific perspective


I was talking to the sales team and sometimes we want to capture a specific view of the design to publishing it on social networks or for any other reason. I think it would be great if we could download a high quality Render within Studio Design.

Maybe we change the actual Snapshot feature for a Render Image.


Hi Jordi,

I like this idea too! :slight_smile: but this idea will force us to do more steps!

What about if the designs have “Renders”, and the user can manage them?

It will be like a simple command, or we add a new tab? :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea / mockup?



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We have been talking about this feature, we think custom renders will be very important to for 2Shapes users. So, we are going to create a tab only for this renders.

On this tab you will be able to manage all your renders of this design. The workflow will be:

1- With Render button you will create a quick image from the design.

2- On background, 2Shapes will calculate a photorealistic Render

3- Then you will be able to download those photorealistics renders on Downlaod Dialog (On Design Info).

I share with all of you a mockup with this workflow.

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