Gems colour render - change back to diamond?

Good Day!

I have noticed that in Render the GEM colour reverts to a diamond colour. However, if I select a new gem the colour is correct again.
Please have a look at the images attached.

Cheers H

Hi Heather,

Yes, I understand. This is an issue I’m thinking about for a long time.

Basically, the issue is Cycles, the default Rhino render. The gemstones are transparent, and it is really annoying for me for work. Then, we create different materials to design, and others for render.

I’m thinking to create a switcher between them.

I created a video, I hope it explains the concept problem! :slight_smile:

Your comments are welcome! :slight_smile:


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Thank you for taking the time to make me the reply video.

Can you please make sure I am understanding correctly?

If I am using the RAYTRACED DISPLAY MODE to render then then I agree there should be two choices for DESIGN and RENDER. In Raytrace I thought depending on the number of set cycles the model would have a poor or very good image when final Rendered.

However, if I am simply selecting the RENDER DISPLAY MODE I don’t expect the image to be perfect (for print or video). I would think its more just a render preview and If I wanted the model perfectly rendered then I should be using the Raytrace display mode.

Often for customer approvals we just want to see what the model will look like quickly without having to Raytrace or go through the complete rendering process.

It initially did work they way I described above.
But, now I lose the colour of the gems in the render display mode only if I save and reopen the file. However, if I am currently working on the file the gems hold their colour in the render mode. Not using Raytrace.

Please let me know if I am not understanding properly. :wink:

Hello Rafa,

I do not think your video was to long. It takes whatever amount of time it requires to effectively explain the issue.

I like being able to see nice, fairly frequent, periodic renders as I work. This way if I am dissatisfied in the direction that the design is going I can alter it at X stage of development before going forward or scrap the design sooner rather than later.

Than k you,