Hi All from Tim UK

Hi Peeps,
I’m Tim Cottrell an ex Gemvision employee who headed up the UK office for training and support. I started in 2007 and left GV when after two years of service with the distributor when GV pulled out of the UK. When Stuller took over GV I could see a watering down of the community spirit and became disillusioned with the corporate path.

I now work for myself as an independent educator and CAD designer for the trade. As you would imagine this isn’t going to well at the moment but hopefully things will start to pick up. I came across 2Shapes purely by chance on one of the many Facebook groups I’m on and had to investigate. I’m glad I did as what an exciting project it is!

I’m still in touch with a quite a few of my students who I still guide and advise on questions with regards CAD from Zbrush, Rhino, Matrix, Keyshot, Maverick etc etc… And 2Shapes is the first program that is a contender to knock Matrix off its top position and give Counter Sketch a bloody nose.

Many Matrix 9 people are looking at Matrix Gold as the next step but are waiting for more positive feedback as it isn’t cheap! 2Shapes for Rhino could potentially get a big chunk of this market as it covers so many bases that Matrix and Counter Sketch occupy.

I look forward to installing the software and exploring what it could do now and in the future.

Regards Tim


Hi Tim,

Welcome to 2Shapes discourse! Thanks for your introduction! I’m glad you give us an opportunity!

Even 2Shapes for Rhino is still in beta, I would like to know your opinion, specially what you don’t like or you miss! :slight_smile: It will help us to improve our product!!

Thank you,

Rafael del Molino


I’m still watching every video you are producing a few times to analyse what 2Shapes has not got that Matrix has got. I would probably say stay clear of a sculpt option as Clayoo Sculpt was quite poor not dreadful just not that great. I’d rather 2Shapes be very good at what the majority would need.

I’m not sure were you are with Pave but that was always a flash point that the pave tools in Matrix were not good enough. I thought they were ok a bit clunky and needed manual intervention with gem on surface, gem springs etc. but it worked.

I’d like to see if a more realistic visual representation of pave could be achieved and hexagonal back holes solved. Grasshopper can do it I believe but this is above my mental paygrade!

Animation tools that are easier than what Matrix provides. Maybe some automated animation paths for people to use.

Some render props that are useful like a human hand 3 poses, a wrist, neck line and an ear maybe. I use DAZ 3d to do this as per the attached picture

As and when I see things that are not there and I would miss if I was only using 2Shapes I’ll post it here.

Regards Tim