How can I install 2Shapes?

To install and use 2Shapes in your device, please follow these four steps:

1. Visit 2Shapes
Open your browser and visit the 2Shapes product you want to access.

These are the currently accessible products:

If you wish to install 2Shapes for Rhino, you will need to download the installer from this page, and ignore the next steps of this guide: 2Shapes: Download

2. Locate the PWA button
Once you are on the product you want to install, search for a plus button near your search bar and click on it:

3. Install the app
A message should appear now asking if you want to install it. To proceed, click on the Install button:

4. Done!
You have installed 2Shapes in your device, and an icon should have appeared on your home screen or desktop, you can use it to run 2Shapes any time you’d like:

You don’t need to install 2Shapes to use it, but if you desire to install it, we use the state of the art Progressive Web App technology that allows installing 2Shapes on any smart device, be it a smartphone, tablet, TV, or computer.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reply to this topic or contact us!