How can I invite my colleagues?

In order for your teammates to join your 2Shapes organization first, you will need to have an account created, and be the Owner of your own organization.

To create your account and organization refer to this page.

Once you have an account created follow these steps:

  1. Access 2Shapes Dashboard and go to Main > Accounts:

  2. There, click the Invite icon on the top-right corner:

  3. Now type the email of your colleagues, select which apps would you like them to have access to, and optionally write a message to this invitation. Once done, click on Accept:

  4. Your colleagues will receive the invitation at the email address you have entered on the last step. They should search for this email, open it, and click on the Accept Invitation button.

  5. Finally, your colleagues should create a 2Shapes account using the email they have been invited to. For extra guidance on the registration process refer to this page.

Now that they have created their own accounts, once they log in, they will be inside your organization and share your same workspace.

If you want to activate subscriptions for your team members, please refer to this topic: How can I add my product key?

If you have any questions or feedback, please reply to this topic or contact us.

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