How can I learn more about 2Shapes?

We have a lot of resources available for you to master 2Shapes!

Choose the one that better adapts to your situation:

Learning Material

Ideal to learn on your own.

Videos, Tutorials, and Events

The best guide to use 2Shapes, from creating your account, to selling through a seamless customer experience.

2Shapes Training Centers

Great to master our solutions.

Partners Page

Find your nearest official Training Center to master 2Shapes is a great variety of services, from brief demonstrations to month-length courses.

Other Resources

Onboarding Plan

A custom-tailored training plan only for your organization, treat your team with a series of online collaborative meetings or on-site training with a 2Shapes specialist.

2Shapes Community

Reach out to our community of jewelers like yourself that want to help and make the jewelry industry a friendlier and more competitive environment.

1 to 1 Meeting with 2Shapes Staff

Schedule an online meeting with our staff. Get your questions and issues answered by a 2Shapes specialist dedicated to solving your case.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reply to this topic or contact us!