How can I purchase 2Shapes?

To buy 2Shapes, you will find two options:

  • 2Shapes Suite: To access all apps of the 2Shapes Suite.
    It’s available from 1,000€ (or $1,200) per year.

  • 2Shapes One: To access one app from the 2Shapes Suite.
    Available from 500€ (or $600) per year.

Are you a jewelry store owner who wants to sell in your physical store and website? Get a 2Shapes Suite subscription and you will have access to all the tools that will solve all your needs.

Are you a designer, who only wants to design? Pick 2Shapes One and once you redeem your Product Key, choose 2Shapes Design or 2Shapes for Rhino.

If you want to purchase a subscription, please contact your local partner, or contact us.

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