How much does 2Shapes Suite cost?

We offer 2 options:

2Shapes Suite, which allows you to use all the 2Shapes Suite products only for 1,000€/year or $1,200/year:

  • 2Shapes Retail
  • 2Shapes Ecommerce
  • 2Shapes CRM
  • 2Shapes Catalogue
  • 2Shapes Pricing
  • 2Shapes Factory
  • 2Shapes Design
  • 2Shapes for Rhino
  • 2Shapes Dashboard

2Shapes One, which allows you to use one of the products above at a time, available from 500€/year or $600/year.

You can purchase subscriptions by contacting our sales team that will gladly guide you through the process.

Upon creating your 2Shapes account, it will start your 15-days Trial period that will unlock all the Premium features for you to try out.

Schools can apply as a 2Shapes Lab School and purchase a 30-seat yearly subscription to have all its students on a single team.

You can see the Pricing page here:
Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us or reply to this topic.

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