How to: Asymmetrical shanks

Hi there 2Shapes Community!

Today I’m writing down a guide to create asymmetrical shanks like tapered rings, European shanks, and other interesting setting shapes.

The main goal of this guide is to create a useful element that can be used on as many final designs as possible!

For this guide I will use a set of parameters, but feel free to experiment with different measurements to make creative combinations:

First Step
To start off, create a Classic Shank on the Elements category, edit it, and enter the same parameters as I do in this image here:

Second Step
To do a tapered shank, we will be using the lower cross-section (the second section on Shank Profile), just follow the same parameters I enter here:

Third Step
Let’s actually transform this tapered ring into an European shank style while retaining the tapered setting.
In order to do that, click on the fourth section on Shank Profile, click on the profile, and then select an European shank:

Fourth Step
Once you have selected a profile, it will be applied to the shank, editing its overall shape.
Now, enetr the same parameters I do on the image below to achieve the same effect:

Fifth Step
To go an extra mile, let’s make it strangulated so most Peghead Gemsets fit in, just enter the same values as I do here:

That was the main idea about asymmetrical shanks on 2Shapes, you can achieve very creative and beautiful results playing around with these parameters, just give them a try and let the inspiration kick in!

If you liked this guide, have any question regarding this tutorial or want to share your experimentation results, please, reply to this topic or contact our support team.