How to embed 2Shapes on your website


After having a great success launching the 2Shapes Ecommerce feature, some people asked if they could add 2Shapes to their own website rather than create a brand new site. You can now add your spaces, collections, or the whole 2Shapes Ecommerce directly on your website!

Image offering an easy to use automated customization and design service to your customers directly on your website .

How to embed 2Shapes on your website?

  1. Visit to 2Shapes App > eCommerce Embed Settings.

  2. In HTML Generator, we can generate the code in three different ways: Full Page, Spaces, and Collections. Basically, we can add entire 2Shapes in your website, or you can add the spaces and/or collections in sections of your website.

  3. In Spaces or Collections, we will select one.

  4. As you will see, your code will be generated.

Just copy and paste this code on your website, and grow your business! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Rafael del Molino
2Shapes Technologies SLU

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