How to: Remove cathedral bridge's circle

Today I bring you a story of fight, discovery, and victory!

So, the other day I was designing this element with a 2Shapes user that asked me how could they actually remove completely the round shape on a Cathedral’s Bridge:

This is the ring I was designing, marked with the measurement tool the “little pesky circle” that I was struggling to remove.

And so, I stood up, went to the development team, and talked about this with the first developer I found.

And these were his words:

You just have to make the “little pesky circle” diameter the same or less lengthy as the Bridge’s width.

And his words crossed my mind like lighting, it was THAT simple!

This is definitely one of those tricks that can totally turn an interesting design into a magnificent to-notch design to show-off in all your collections.

Hope this will help you out create stunning designs.

What do you think? Do you find it useful? Have you removed the “little pesky circle” for one of your designs?

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