Is a Mac version in development

As goldsmith that is also using Rhino, I was very much looking forward to the arrival of 2shap for Rhino, ever since the first announcement on the Mcneel forum.
Now that the rhino plugin is available to download I was sad to see that it is Windows only…
As 2Shape stand-alone is available for both platforms, I very much hope that a 2Shape for Rhino Mac version is in the pipeline.


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As a mac user for more than 20 years, I understand your point of view. For that reason, 2Shapes Desktop is running on Windows and Mac.

In the case of Rhino, is not as easy for many reasons:

  1. Mac hardware is not “focus” on 3D perfomance.
  2. Rhino Mac SDK is not as madure as Rhino Windows SDK (Development tools)
  3. Cycles is not in Mac. :slightly_frowning_face:

My goal is to have same code (or similar) running on both OS, I don’t want to have different version with different features in each OS.



Hi Rafa thanks for the replay
I think I V7 you will find far less limitations with the Mac version
Cycle is certainly in Rhino Mac I use it all the time… same development as on Windows AFAIK, with a temporary limitation that it is only CPU for now. but I think they are going to [Metal] sort it out.
I very much hope you guys will reconsider [for V7 that looks like is releasing some time this year]
thanks a lot

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