Mobile page obscures images

The designer page hides the images when selected in mobile device. Is it possible to collapse the left margin menu? thx Keith

Hi Keith,

Thanks for your feedback!

Although the 90% of the app runs on mobile devices, we are having discussions on the usability of the Designer module on mobile devices.

This 10% is the part of the app that gets difficult because of the screen size of smartphones.

I will discuss with the development team to implement a collapse button as you propose.

What do you think about the studio in a small screen?

Thanks Xavier, I think everyone today likes to use their mobile phone - and the studio works well for me on a small screen - mostly I am using it to browse my collection but it would be nice to delve deeper into the design pages to familiarise myself. I am not at my laptop most of the time but I always have my phone with me.


Hi Keith,
Thanks for your feedback! You reopen the discussion! :slight_smile: All of us are agree that mobile is a must, but the point was about usability in small screens!

Now we add this feature in design list and in the studio!

Enjoy 2Shapes on your mobile!


Rafael del Molino