My learning curve and things I'm experiencing

Trying to figure out 2shapes for rhino just the designing part not all the other categories they have …
here’s a couple pop ups…also when I make a ring using 2shapes ring head and stone if I try to change the head it jumps up vertically about 10 mm…if I try the ring it reverts back to the original ring not my modified version…fail|690x341

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Hi Pat,

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

About the message: Object reference not set an instance, it is because there is a parameter is invalid. We are working to provide more details.

About the login, try to set an easier password. We can not check the password in our side, but I think it is working, because you are creating geometry.

About Installer integrity it means that the download was broken. In other words, it was a problem downloading the installer. Just download it again! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback!!


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the other part was when I pick my head in the ‘outliner’ to rework it jumps up vertically apx 10 mm see image…also if I want to rework a my shank a little more when I click the shank in the outliner it reverts back to the original shank in the library and I have to rebuild it again…
thanks Rafa