New 2Shapes for Rhino Update!

Hi everyone, It’s Xavier from the 2Shapes team!

Today I bring news about our most recent update, for both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7.
If you update your 2Shapes for Rhino, you will see all the new and great features we have been working on.

In summary, some of the new additions are:

  • Gems - Cutters:
    After being requested by many users, we have implemented cutters, amazing commands that will help you drill holes to set gems on almost any surface!

  • Gems - Tools:
    We have grouped some commands from the Gems tab that people tend to use less. These are Gem center, Gem offset, Copy by gems, Gem move, and Curve by gems.
    This is one of the steps we are taking to make your workspace cleaner and more organized.

  • Optimization improvements:
    We have made a lot of improvements that will make 2Shapes for Rhino run even smoother.

  • Bug fixes:
    We are very grateful to get so many people helping us see which areas need improvement, and on this update, we are proud to say that we have fixed all reported bugs to date.

How to get the update

For security reasons, we have made this new update for the most recent service release of Rhino 6, so if Rhino complains about your plugin version, you should update your Rhino following these steps:

  1. Open Rhino (alone), and click on the Help tab:

  2. Then select the “Check for Updates…” option.
    check for updates

  3. This will open a menu that will help you get the most recent update for your Rhino.