New Command: Milgrain

Hi All! :partying_face:

We added a new command to 2Shapes for Rhino: Milgrain. Basically, the idea is a tool to create the milgrain in one click! :nerd_face:

You can define the diameter and overlapping, as such as the way to adapt to curves or edges!

It will be available next beta! :rocket:



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Ottimo Rafael
Questa funzione risulta molto apprezzata nella costruzione di gioielli con granulazione etrusca.


Hi Rafa, do you have a video on this yet? …I’m just playing around trying to figure things out so I just made a fast ‘sample’ I had to dup the edge of the ring to get a crv then use that crv to run the ‘milgrain tool’…is that the way it works we have to make or own line or dup edge? can’t we just pick the edge without making a line… thanks
My dup edge line is yellow in the capture.