Organizing Designs with SKU

Hi there, 2Shapes Community!

Today I was organizing my huge amount of designs within different labels because I always fail to find the design I’m looking for.

When I realized that I could put SKUs to my designs so their names could be standardized and then easily filtered, which is much more convenient and efficient cutting down effort and time and while also finding the designs you where looking for. All benefit!

I will leave here the list of SKU numbers and their positions so you can try it by yourself:

2Shapes SKU Guide for designs

(last updated on 30/08/2019)
First (type of piece) Second (stone setting) Third (main gem shape) Fourth (gemset)
01 Classic Ring Solitaire Round Basket
02 Earring Huggies Oval Peghead
03 Pendant Cluster Pear Bezel
04 Bracelet

Do let me know if it helped you or if you need more numbers to be added!