Questions- CUTTERS Measurement type?


This may be a silly question but when using the CUTTERS tool. What are the measurement types used.

I was trying to cut a 0.5mm diameter hole and had to use the measurement 25 for Size Drill. I had to keep guessing ??

Can you please explain this to me.:slight_smile: :laughing:

See attached picture,

Thank you

25 means 25% of the gemโ€™s griddle diameter.


After I thought about it I figured it was a percentage of the stones diameter. Thank you !!!

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Iโ€™m really sorry! I think we lost the % symbol in the localization. We will fix it!

Also we are planning to add a Gem inside in mm. Do you miss anything else? :slight_smile:




That will be great. Thank you


I created a video with the improvements, we add to the Cutter command!

Please let me know your thoughts! :slight_smile:


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Rafael, These improvements on the CUTTERS will be very helpful. I will start check it out!
Great video. Thank you

Hello Rafa,

Perhaps there simply is not enough room in this or any given commandโ€™s dialog box,or it complicates matters to much to make it worthwhile; but having the units ( I guess in just about all cases it would be mm) or the percentage symbol following the numeric value of the parameter being changed
e.g. 20% image , 20 mm image

Would be especially nice because seeing these; I believe, really helps one in visualizing what the end result is going to look like.

Maybe others feel this way to ?

Thank you,