Raster2Vector tool replies as "unknown command"

Hi everyone, I am new at 2Shapes but migrating from RhinoGold.
Ysterdar I installed the latest updates of both Rhino7 and 2Shapes and I noticed that while using Rhino`s interface, the raster2vector tool replies as “unknown command”.
Fortunately it works fine on 2Shapes interface.

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Welcome to 2Shapes! Thank you for sharing .
Rafael…I also checked the tool in Rhino 7 and is does say “unknown command”, however when I type in the command “2ShapesRaster2Vector” it works.
And in 2Shapes for Rhino application it works in the curve tool bar but not when selected from the top tool bar (same tool bar in Rhino 7). I hope this additional information helps to isolate the problem.
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The problem is you are using an old toolbar. My recommendation is to use the command ToolbarReset, and it will update all the toolbars.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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I did try the command Toolbar Reset (system says up to date) we still have the same problem.

In both Rhino 7 and 2 Shapes…Even if I try to get the Raster to Vector command directly from the 2Shapes drop down menu, curves, Raster to Vector. It does not work.

Please let me know if there is another way to update that tool bar.?


I attach the toolbar fixed. The problem was the toolbar was executing 2ShapesRasterToVector, and the command name is 2ShapesRaster2Vector, but if you type the command in the command prompt, it is working.

Yes, you can edit the icon with Shift + Right-click on any icon.

Also, I attach the toolbar fixed, just copy it in the installation folder, usually is C:\Program Files\2Shapes for Rhino\7.0 or C:\Program Files\2Shapes for Rhino\6.0 (Rhino 6.0).

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks for your help,

Rafael del Molino
2Shapes Technologies SLU

2Shapes.rui (796.3 KB)


Thank you, I edited the icon where needed and it works perfectly now in all applications.

Cheers H

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