Record Funtion - screen record (or viewport)

Hi Rafael,

Would you please show me how to use the RECORD Button? I am not able to get it to work.

I have selected the RECORD button then in the command line I selected - Screen, I also tried with all other options as well.

Then nothing happens. I believe I should see the record time count start by the pause button …but nothing. Then when I select the black stop button it prompts the command line to start recording and select recording area.

Thank for your help. :slight_smile: :grinning:

Hi Heather,

If you click on Record, and after a second you click on Stop. Does it show any message in the command prompt?

Are you in Windows 10? Have you more than one screen?



Good Morning Rafael,

I am using windows 10 pro.
When I click on the record icon the command prompts me to select recording area…and when I click the stop the command prompts me to select the record area. And only one screen.



This is the perfect setup. I had some issues with my computer with 3 screens, but it must work fine with one.

I will take a look and I will let you know.



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