Resizing Function

Hello, I was just wondering if there is a ring resizing function already or are there plans to add one? I couldn’t find anything regarding this currently in the forum.

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Hi @Viktrovius,

Yes, when you are editing a ring, you can choose its size using this parameter:

You can also find it on the Outliner menu:

Please, let me know if that was of help :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out!

Hi Xavier, thank you for answering! Are there plans to include a resizing function for shanks and rings that are not generated in 2shapes? If I have a library of rings I already made, is it possible to resize those with a tool?

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For shanks that are not made with 2Shapes, you can scale them using the “Scale” command.
Note that if they have stones, these will also scale accordingly.

The best way to do it today with the Beta is to scale your models, boolean out your gems, and then place the stones made with 2Shapes in their place.

I hope this helps :raised_hands: