Setting a custom image on a design


Some of our beta testers ask us if we can implement an option in which you can import a custom image and set this image as default on a Design.

In this way, you will have the other “Renders”, but the custom image will be displayed first in the store.

We can locate this feature on the Design info

Hi Jordi,
I think is a good idea!! Let discuss some points!! :slight_smile: Just to be sure we are in the same page!

  1. It will be called Featured Image, and it will have priority! If you have this image, it will be displayed by default in your store.

  2. Where do you want to upload it? Design detail, but where? Can you create a mockup?


Rafael del Molino


Thought a button (only appears when you are hover) you will open this dialog.

First you will be able to upload a photo from you computer. Or you can select one render what the design has already uploaded.

Personally I like the first one :slight_smile: