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Is there a way in 2 shapes to create a solitaire with shoulders that come up to a point, Like the first picture below (I know I can edit a preset solitaire using cage, boolean difference or even wire cut).

But is there a setting in the 2 shapes that can be added to either have the top of the shoulder come to a point or to keep flat?

Also would it be possible to make the side profile of the shank solid (like the second picture)?
Thank you.

If my question is not clear please let me know.

Soliatire with shoulder to point
Solitaire shoulder to point solid

Hi Heather,

You can do something similar with Advanced Ring:

I attach the 3DM file. Maybe we can add to new command to do it faster! :slight_smile:

I will work on it and I will let you know!


Rafael del Molino
2Shapes Technologies SLU

Advanced Ring Example.3dm (445.4 KB)

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Thank you! I will continue to play with it in advanced ring.

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