STL Export: One closed mesh model

Hi there team!

We received a suggestion from one of our european BETA testers, asking if we could implement a feature to export 2Shapes models on “one closed mesh STL” format.

Do you think that we could add this feature on 2Shapes @Jordi?

Hi Xavier,

I have been talking to the development team and I proposed this mockup. With this dialogue, we will be able to export with a closed mesh or separate meshes even 3DM file and the Preview Renders!

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Hi Jordi,

Amazing idea!

Do we have a date for this feature to be implemented on 2Shapes?


I was talking to FrontEnd dev’s and it is done! Localization is pending! :slight_smile: Tomorrow we will finish all Backend functionalities and we will deploy! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys! You rocks!!!

Rafael del Molino

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I attach a short video! Sorry for the store collections, this is my test account! :slight_smile:


Rafael del Molino

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