Updating speed and some issues

i am having a bit of a hard time with 2shapes as it appears to run very very slow at my station. However I have a pretty fast computer (ryzen 1700, 16gig ram, 1070ti) and a fast internet connection (200/20mbit).

As you see I try to make a cathedral ring but it seems that I run into issues very soon with artifacts and the ring size not updating anymore with gems on.

I would really love to try it out more as it looks very promising however if it is this slow it really is no fun :frowning:

I look foward to your suggestions. Thanks!

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Hi Matthias,

Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for the delay, I was investigating before to give you an answer.

First of all, this is not a problem with your station or internet connection. The problem is in one part of our servers.

I’m still investigating but I would like to explain you a little bit. Your computer (and all the other devices) is connecting Backend, this is the main brain of 2Shapes, and Backend is how distribute to other servers.

When we are in the studio and we modify a value, the backend connect to Geometry Server (of the them), and this server computer the geometry and return it to backend.

I was checking, and in my computer now a cathedral is about 10 second!!! It is a really problem, but I was investigating the geometric server where is computing and the time to generate a Cathedral is 0.25 seconds, then is not a problem of that server.

We are keeping working on it! I will come to you with some news, and apologies for the inconveniences.



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Hi Rafa! thanks for the quick reply.
Do not worry, I understand it is still under development and I appreciate your efforts explaining and trying to fix it as soon as possible.

I guess it is not really possible with your software architecture to make it work locally on a machine with no internet connection. Maybe this is something you can think about to support at least the models which are in once owns collection. I guess the decision to make all processing central comes from protecting your intellectual property. Maybe you’ll find a way to protect it and make it work locally as an option.

thank you!

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Hi Matthias,

In order of computing geometry in local, 2Shapes for Rhino is the solution. :smile:

I guess the decision to make all processing central comes from protecting your intellectual property. Exactly, that’s the reason!

About the speed, now it is about 2 seconds: Just a point, the same command in Rhino in local takes about 1 second.

Now, if you need it you can work because 2 seconds in a Cathedral is reasonable. I will keep you updated.



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Good morning Rafa,

thanks for your support. The cathedral modification did get slightly faster that is true, however many other things still take forever.

I hope you don’t mind if I give you my honest opinion, but I feel that this could be a product threatening issue. It’s 2020 and things need to be snappy. There are three use cases which I see are the most important ones:

  1. using this together with a client on site browsing the collection and creating a custom design
  2. the client uses it him/herself in the webshop
  3. the designer creates unique designs or at least starting points for his collection inside 2shapes

All of these use cases need snappy, almost instant updates to work like intended. The product is itself intended for form-finding and therefore every sale will very likely need to explore many designs and compare them. The waiting time of several seconds for each modification easily adds up significantly and then the tool feels very cumbersome.
If I do one custom job as a one-off, hey no problem I can get used to the tool and I acceept it takes a bit of time.
But with a client, this is really unacceptable as it destroys all fluidity of the conversation. It will end up as two or more people looking quietly at a screen waiting for things to look slightly different. This can instantly kill any positive buzz that leads to a sale.
In the online case, people will just jump ship after a minute because they just can’t wait.
The third case might be the one you can solve with the Rhino plugin. I am looking forward to that.

Am I right in suspecting that behind all of that is grasshopper? that is great and bad at the same time because grasshopper is awesome but I suspect not much can be done about the speed :frowning:

Let me assure you I really wish you lots of success and I really appreciate your effort to get into the market which is dominated by Stuller and provide a reasonable alternative to Countersketch.
I hope you can take this as constructive critisism. I would love for your product to succeed amazingly.

all my best,

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