Using Pave tool crash & not completely working


Using 2Shapes 3.0 I was trying to make a pave bracelet by following the video tutorial. I could not find the exact profile that was used in the video for the bracelet but I left all of the settings at their default to start. The symmetry option did not work as in the video and with X and Y used ( I guess this is the same as “quadruple symmetry”) it placed stones completely off of the surface. Like in the video, I clicked the + icon to - I guess- switch to adding prongs. But all I saw was a text dot like shape, no prong shape and holding the shift key did not invoke guides as to where to place the prongs.Then 2Shapes crashed. Attached is the RhinoCrashDunp file.

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edit: I worked with the pave tool some more and was able to arrange a pave on a flat surface of a cylinder with prongs. However I still could not get the “quadruple symmetry” to work- I guess placing 4 stones at once. The most I was able to get was to place two stones at a time. Also the guidelines for where to place the prongs worked and I did not even have to hold down the shift key. I did try to place my stones and prongs on different layers (for organization) but this did not work. Fortunately the stones were meshes and the prongs polysurfaces so it was easy enough to select all of one or the other and change their layer.

RhinoCrashDump.3dm (585.2 KB)


I will report to dev team.