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Hi Rafa …Good tool! question 1.
where do you find the folder for the saved videos? .(see image) .it shows owner, appldata and so on…what do I do once I select ‘owner’…I don’t see appldata? (see image) can you break it down for me as what to do to access the video library or better yet make a video you have the new tool lol thanks
The rhino the ‘dock station’ does not have a icon is there a way to access the video capture in rhino?
I tried to post the ‘video’ but it’s saved as a mp4 the upload button does not take mp4 so how do we post our videos to the forum? thanks

Hi @avantiman,

You can access to your User Folder by:

  • Under File tab click on User Folder command icon.

  • Within 2Shapes Toolbar click on User Folder command icon.

  • Click on 2Shapes Rhino toolbar and click on User Folder command.

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Thanks now I know where the videos are:

1.the dock station in rhino does not have video icon how can we access the video capture using rhino?

  1. my video was saved as a MP4…. can’t download a MP4 to the forum!
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  1. In the 2Shapes DockStation, you can find this icon inside ** File Tab **

  1. Our forum doesn’t import video formats. We suggest you upload the video on platforms like Youtube and paste the video link here


I think Pat is talking about the recording button! @Guillem may you take care?



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thanks for the help everyone!

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thanks now I’m looking for the ‘record’ tab

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In the next Update you will find these icons inside the 2shapes toolbar by clicking on Others icon.



Can it record the microphone too?.. thanks


Also, we added the commands 2ShapesRecording and it will allow recording the entire screen, Rhino, or any view! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


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I meant will it be able to record my voice with a microphone also?