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Welcome to the 2Shapes community!

What is 2Shapes: Is a new way to sell jewelry: www.2shapes.com

We are glad you are here! Here you can ask questions, find answers and connect and establish relationships with people in the jewelry industry. All 2Shapes team is here to help you!

Getting Started:

  1. Log in! This web site will keep track of what you have read and what is new - whether you read from your phone, your computer, or your tablet - but it can only do that if you log in.
  2. Search - in the upper-right corner, search to see if a discussion has already covered the topic you want to know about.
  3. Create an avatar on Gravatar - it will show up on this site.

Posting and Replying

  1. Format your text using Markdown. Use the buttons above, or read the basics , then perhaps about the full syntax .
  2. Select text in a previous reply, then click Quote Reply - especially if it might be unclear what you’re replying to.
  3. Typing @ and then a user’s name - it will send them an email notifying them that you mentioned them in the topic. This is a simple, effective way to bring others into the conversation.

Attaching Files to Posts

  1. Click the Image icon in the toolbar.
  2. When the upload window the “Drag files here” appears, drag your 3dm file onto the window.

Thanks, and enjoy it!

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Hello this looks amazing!

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