Where I can find designs to create my collections?

Hi All! :slight_smile:

When you create your 2Shapes account, obviously your collections are empty! You have two options to fill your collections?

  1. Create your designs from scratch
  2. Go to Trends and import the Trends that you like!
  3. or both! :slight_smile:

In the case, you want to get the Trends, it is very easy:

  1. In the side nav, click on Catalogue.

  2. Click on the Trends tab:

  3. Check all the trends, and click on one, in my case, Iā€™m clicking on Halo Rings:

  4. Inside the Halo Rings trends, you can click on ADD TO MY COLLECTIONS button:

  5. It will take some seconds because it is duplicating all the trend with 3D Designs, Renders, ā€¦

  6. Now, the Trends is in your Collections! :slight_smile:

Now you can remove, duplicate, edit, ā€¦ all that you want to do with the designs and make them fit your style!

Questions? :slight_smile:


Rafael del Molino