Why isn't there a perpetual license for 2Shapes for Rhino?

There are three main reasons why 2Shapes for Rhino is not available in the perpetual license model.

Technical Reasons:

Technically speaking, 2Shapes for Rhino needs servers to offer:

  • Library of Trends and Elements.
  • Automatic 3D rendering on the Cloud.
  • Design synchronization with workmates and across platforms.
  • One-click publishes to your eCommerce.
  • Real-time pricing calculations.

And many other features, this is just the beginning. In a perpetual license, we need to guarantee our servers forever. It is the same case as other services like Spotify or Netflix.

Financial Reasons:

From the pricing point of view, if you compare it to a $5,000 perpetual software with $800 yearly updates:

  • 2Shapes doesn’t require a huge investment to start.
  • 2Shapes grows with your business; pay just for what you need.
  • Return of investment is natural; pay more only when 2Shapes brings you more business.
  • With 2Shapes, it will get you ~15 years to equal the perpetual cost.

Customer Reasons:

When talking about services, we need to offer:

  • Our customers are the most important, we want to provide them the latest technologies, and keep all the customers to the latest technologies. All the updates are included.
  • The best support, to help you when you need it. The annual subscription includes the best technical support we can offer. We don’t want to charge for support like the perpetual license.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks and best regards,

Rafael del Molino

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